New Board Members for 2016-2017 and a Merry Christmas

New Board Members for 2016-2017 and a Merry Christmas

Annual General Meeting Update

As we have informed you in a previous post the board of directors of AIDA Cyprus for the period 2014 – 2015 have completed there two year tenure. At the annual general meeting which took place on the 15/12/2015  at Gloria’s Jeans Cafe in Limassol the following board of directors resigned and did not offer themselves for reappointment:

The members present voted the following persons as the new board of directors for the period between 2016 until 2017:

First Board Meeting 22 December 2015

At the first board of directors meeting of AIDA Cyprus the new composition of the managing board was decided between the directors and Panicos Panayiotou was appointed and accepted to undertake the responsibilities of President of AIDA Cyprus for the period. Savvas Savva will be vice president. Sasica Jeremic will be our treasurer responsible for recording AIDA Cyprus’ financials while Harris Sharpe will be the secretary. Michalis Evripidou is appointed as Assistant Secretary while Elias Ioannou and Fanos Efstathiou are simple members of the board.

With the change of the board of directors the task of continuing the work of the previous board of directors is a difficult one in these turbulent times. A strong commitment has been expressed by all the board members to enhance and further freediving and the freediving community in Cyprus.

The new board would like to thank the previous board and especially Athanasios, Constantinos and Evi for their tireless contribution. Particular congratulations must be given to Evi for also achieving a Cypriot national record during her time at the board and to Costantinos who served for 4 consecutive terms (total of 8 years). 

Other Matters discussed

The new board of directors also took the time to discuss the future plans of AIDA Cyprus and several ideas and matters were brought to the table. In general terms it has been agreed that the annual food and drinks event (κοπή βασιλόπιτας) will be held in the second week of February 2016 at an exact date, time and place to be announced in a separate publication. At the event a raffle will be made with several gifts. If anyone would like to sponsor gifts to the raffle please notify AIDA Cyprus board via the directors or  at

Furthermore the board is drawing up the agenda of events for 2016 and it seems it will be a very active year stay in touch by subscribing to our website, liking our facebook page or following us on twitter.

Lastly we would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas

Merry Christmass - AIDA Cyprus 2016





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